jayden m + emilly

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See them Ducks
Petals are growing on the flowers
Roses are growing
I like chocolate Easter eggs
Nobody likes veges
Going out side in the sun

Can you hear the cats
A cat is meowing
To play with the cat you have got to do your work

Owls are sometimes up at morning
Where are owls

Jayden and Jorden

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Owls hang on trees.
Wild owls sometimes hunt for food.
Late at night they wake up.

Cats scratch a lot.
A cat likes mice.
The mice get scared when cats come out.

Sunshine come out in spring.
Pretty flower come out.
Rain goes away in spring.
In spring we play outside.
Now we have spring holidays.
Goats come out in the sunshine.

Jordan eats jellyfish.

Nathan and Zipporah portry

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Cat’s are very clever.
A cat climbs the tree.
They are scared of all dogs.

Oh you are so clever.
Woah!You can fly like a arplan.
Lady berds ador them that’s rite a awl.

Leo Matthew poetry

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C ats are fluffy, smelly and annoying.
A few cats are derty.
T rees are things that cats climb.

Thaarika Drew

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Sunflowers bloom in the sunshine.
Pigs run in mud.
Rabbits hop on the grass.
I eat eggs.
New flowers are growing.
Grass is green.

Oskar and Ben

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Spring is hot.
People play in the swimming pool.
Rain can come.
It’s sunny everywhere in spring.
Not many people go outside.
Good things happen in spring.

Owls are wise.
Why are owl’s wise?

kingston and Jerzie

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spring is good.
pigs are messy.
Rabbets are hoppy and flufy and fun.
I love the roses.

Jemima and Lisa poetry

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Sunshine is finally here.
People go outside more.
Rabbits hop around big,green fields and meadows.
It starts to get bright,sunny and hot.
Now it’s more sunny,more people go outside.
Grass grows in green,colourful meadows and gardens.

Owls are very wise.
Wise owls aren’t they?
Living in forests must be scary and spooky.

Can cats talk?
Are all cats friendly?
Tails of cats are very fluffy.

Lisa is loving.
I am nice.
So cool.
Amazing as a circus person.

Jolly as can be.
Elegant as a ballet dancer.
My face is as beautiful as a superstar.
I am nice and kind.
My eyes are as brown as chocolate.
And lips as pink as a flower.

alfie and harry

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Cats run out at night.
All cats are black
The cats miaow!

Amy and Dahlia Portry

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Owls are very very wise in spring.
Wise owls are wise because the
Long long long time the owls went on long adventures and made lots of new frinds

owls lived a very very very very long time ago.